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The Fence Post in the gear viewer.

"A fence post." -In-game description

DaysGone FencePost inv iconstats

The stats of the Fence Post.

The Fence Post is a melee weapon found throughout the world of Days Gone. It can be upgraded into two variants: Spiked Fence Post, and Fence Post Axe.


Crafting Recipe (Fence Post Axe):[]

The Fence Post Axe has higher base damage against the Spiked Fence Post, with an unchanged durability. The recipe for this variant is found in a bunker at a Marauder's camp during the mission No Starving Patriots.

Crafting Recipe (Spiked Fence Post):[]

The Spiked Fence Post is an improved version of the Fence Post. It is found in a robber camp.

  • 1 Fence Post
  • 1 Box Of Nails
  • 1 Scrap