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The Flamethrower is a special type of weapon in Days Gone, used by enemy NPCs. They cannot be used by the player in the base version of the game but can be used through the use of mods. They virtually have unlimited ammo and can eliminate enemies quickly through burn damage.

There are two existing variants throughout the game.

Military Flamethrower[]

DaysGone MilitaryFlamethrower inv iconstats

The model of the Military Flamethrower, ready for use in the game. Right side.

"A military-grade flamethrower." -In-game description

The Military Flamethrower is used by enemy NPCs, and via mods, the player can use it since it has unlimited ammunition, it can still rapidly burn and kill enemies quickly, setting them on fire despite the low damage. It can still overwhelm and set Freaker hordes and nests on fire, at the cost of letting the Freakers gang up on the player in doing so. The flame spray range on this weapon is long to reach moderate distance.

  • There is no inventory icon in the viewer, despite there is already a working model and a weapon icon.
  • There is no reload animation for this weapon, except enemy NPCs sometimes reload it. Pressing the reload button resets the fuel meter for the weapon (under the disguise of a durability meter acting as a fuel percentage).
  • Joseph-pape-mil-flame2b

    The model of the Military Flamethrower, ready for use in the game. Left side.

    Purchased at the Lost Lake camp merchant for 2500 credits in Reputation Level 3.

Light Flamethrower (Heavy Flamethrower)[]

DaysGone LightFlamethrower inv iconstats
DaysGone LightFlamethrower inv icon

The icon of the unused Light Flamethrower in the gear viewer.

"While not producing enough damage for Freaker hordes, it's great for clearing nests in infestation zones." -In-game description

The Light Flamethrower, later converted into Heavy Flamethrower is another version of the Military Flamethrower, with the same stats. The burn range with its muzzle burn is weak, albeit short-sighted. The weapon itself still uses Special Ammunition as its fuel. This variant is only accessed through mods with a debug menu.

  • Pressing the reload button causes Deacon to replace the portable fuel tank with another.
  • The burn damage (DoT - Damage over time) remains the same as the Military variant.

Weapon used by enemies: