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  Flow Like Buried Rivers is a mission in Days Gone.


Take Iron Mike up to the Metolius Lake Cave.


  • Drive to location.
  • Bring Iron Mike to the Caves.
  • Kill the Swarmers.
  • Walk with Iron Mike to the Metolius Cave.
  • Tail the Horde.
  • Walk with Iron Mike to the Lost Lake Encampment.


  • 2,000 XP
  • 100 Trust - Iron Mike's


Earning Our Keep[]

A few days ago, I remembered that when NERO was at the Grotto cave they talked about how Hordes used the caves to hibernate. Got me thinking, maybe if we seal the cave north of Lost Lake, it'll cut down on the Hordes here, make it safer. Iron Mike seemed to like the idea.

We've All Done Things[]

I got the idea of sealing the caves around Lost Lake from NERO, when I overheard them up north at the Grotto cave. Like I told Iron Mike, I'm no Freak expert, but NERO, the guys in the white spacesuits, they kind of are. It doesn't matter where the idea came from, I knew Iron Mike would go for it.



  • The mission start time 6:30am. The mission ends at 1:00pm. The weather is clear.