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  For An Outlaw Biker is a mission in Days Gone.


Fight your way through the Ark.


  • Save Weaver.
  • Clear the Militia.
  • Kill Skizzo.
  • Get to the Colonel's Chamber.


  • 450 Trust - Iron Mike's
  • 10,000 XP


I'm Never Giving Up[]

It's over. I told Sarah I wasn't going to give a speech, and there I am, giving a speech. Words. A lot of damn words. But it's like Iron Mike once told me, we make the world what it is, not by what we say, but by what we do. I don't know what the future will bring, but I know this: once there was a dumbass biker who screwed things up, losing the only woman he ever loved. But somehow, he got a second chance, and he isn't going to blow it again.

It's All We've Got[]

When Addy saw injured Militia soldier in pain, she didn't hesitate. And I heard her tell one of the, "I'm a doctor." Yeah, Addy, you're a doctor. Have been for a long time. I'm glad you finally realize it yourself.

Keep Your Friends Close[]

I'm done talking about Skizzo.

Law And Disorder[]

I guess Sarah's herbal tea wasn't so good for the Colonel's digestion after all. Maybe it was that sprig of water hemlock she added. My only regret is that I didn't get to do it myself.

Blow It Up Good[]

If it hadn't been for Weaver, refusing to give Skizzo the detonator to the charges at the top of the ark, Sarah would be dead by now. Yeah, the Colonel would still be dead, but I'd have never gotten down there in time to stop Skizzo from killing everyone else. Do I think Weaver will make a good leader now the Militia's done? Yeah, I do.

Race Against Time[]

It's done. The Militia's done. Skizzo's dead. The Colonel's dead. Boozer made it. I got Sarah back. I guess that's enough for one day.