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Carlos' RIP Sermon about how he became Free.


I wasn't always Found — I wasn't always Free. Once I clung to my ego — as you all do now. Once I believed happiness came from things and not from Freedom. But those things were taken from me — just as your lives were taken from you.

As the world Released, I wandered for days, hopeless, I wanted to die. I believed there was nothing left for me. I was Brought Low by the world, but I couldn't see the Path. And then the Free — hundreds of them — approached me, and I submitted to them, ready to erase myself from this wretched Earth.

But as they surrounded me, they accepted me as their own — set me on the Path. They Founded me and brought me to this land to be their protect, to Find you all — to be Free. Don't you see, friend? Anyone can be Found, if they're willing. Are — you?