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Who knows Cope, maybe you're right for a change. If you had any idea what they were cooking up inside Cloverdale — in your Goddamned backyard — you'd have a heart attack.

Global Conspiracy is the tenth radio segment of Radio Free Oregon.


Copeland's Radio Free Oregon broadcast about the global conspiracy.


Before the shit went down, you talked about global conspiracy, most would've laughed you out of the room. No one's laughin' now. We know this went worldwide. We saw it in India. South America. What we didn't know — is that the Trilateral Commission had a hand in it. You know about those guys — an NGO that wants North America, Western Europe, and Japan to quote foster cooperation unquote. Yeah, they fostered something. You know they picked the places that got hit first. But someone betrayed America. And don't think I'm giving the United Nations a walk here either. They been giving terrorist nations a seat at the table for years. Could be, the UN is out there running just fine without us, and one of our former "friends" has a seat on the Security Council. Think about it. NERO's got a clear hand in this, but they'd need a lot of help to start this war.