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  He's Feeding The Freaks is a mission in Days Gone.


Clear a Ripper camp for Wizard Island.


  • Locate the Ripper camp.
  • Clear the Ripper camp.


  • 5,000 XP
  • 1800 Trust (Wizard Island)


Ripped Apart[]

Yeah, I'm not stupid. I didn't think that killing Jessie would take out all the Rippers. Here's the thing. After me and Boozer flooded their camp? Killing so many of them? I thought maybe they'd change. Maybe we could let the rest go. But they haven't changed. Rippers are still out here, murdering and torturing. And I'm still out here, hunting them down.

Marauder Camp Hunter[]

I knew Rest In Peace wasn't going to die with Jessie. Cults don't work that way. You cut the head off the snake, it just grows another one. A few months back I heard he had a whole congregation of disciples, crazy Rippers with names like Ogma, Makeda, Toltec. If they weren't killed in the flood, who knows where they are now? What they're up to?