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  He's Not Big On Tunes is a mission in Days Gone.


Go on an errand for Weaver.


  • Find Weaver's MP3 player.
  • Return to Weaver.



Blow It Up Good[]

Look, I'm not risking my life so Weaver can listen to music. I figure, the guy's done his part, isn't his fault he's caught up in all the Colonel's bullshit. Maybe, when the time comes, he'll help me out, just like I helped him. Hopefully, it won't come to that, but somehow, I have a feeling it might.

A Good Soldier[]

Like I said I get it. If I were the Colonel, moving Sarah, Weaver, the others, into the ark would probably seem like the right thing to do. After what happened to Doc, he didn't have a choice. Still - not great for Weaver, is it? His reward for doing his job is to live in a dark cave. At least he'll be safe.