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Highway 97

Highway 97 is one of the regions in Days Gone.


Highway 97 is a small stretch of highway located in the southern part of the game world in Klamath County, Oregon. The highway runs through the small town of Chemult. Some parts of the road are blocked by either fallen tress, crashed cars and trucks, or intentionally barricaded by emergency services. Some parts of the road have collapsed with only dirt paths leading around.


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Entering the region.

Highway 97 is a major United States route that passes by the Chemult Community College. Due to the highway's direct connection to Interstate 5 in Weed, California, this area has the most Freaker Nests of any region in the game. There is a large roadblock consisting of several emergency service vehicles, including several police cars, an ambulance and a mini pumper fire truck, that can be found at the south end of a bridge along the highway east of the College and south of Chemult, which serves as one of the best areas to find scrap and ammo. To distinguish itself from the more rural highways of the rest of the game, Highway 97 has overhead signage, left turn lanes, wide shoulders, and a high volume of long haul semi-trucks among other features to denote it visually as a high traffic roadway.



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