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  I'll Save Some For You is a mission in Days Gone.


Clear the Horde at the Old Sawmill.


  • Head to the Sawmilll
  • Clear Horde at Sawmill.
  • Fill Truck with Creosete.


  • 450 Trust - Iron Mike's
  • 10,000 XP


Race Against Time[]

That was a hell of a fight. I remember the first time I ran into a Horde. All I could do was run. Now? Taking them down, burning them to the ground? Yeah, that felt good. And now this truck bomb is ready to go. Like Weaver once said, time to blow shit up, blow it up real good.

Horde Killer[]

I still remember the smell. It wasn't enough that NERO brought all these corpses out to the Farewell Wilderness. When they couldn't dig the mass graves fast enough, they started using these old wigwam burners at sawmills throughout the region to burn the corpses. In the last days, black smoke from corpses and body bags filled the air, so thick, you couldn't breathe. Took weeks to clear out, and by then? There was no one left to care.