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  I'm Good With That is a mission in Days Gone.


Kill the Ripper leader.




Ripped Apart[]

It's done. Carlos is dead. Jessie is dead. The Ripper camp is gone. I guess it's only now sinking in, how many people we just killed. Do the ends justify the means? Maybe that's what Iron Mike is talking about. Once you start down this path, there's no coming back.

We've All Done Things[]

I knew Iron mike wasn't going to be happy about us taking out the Ripper camp. But like I told him, we had no choice. He didn't know Jessie the way I did. The Rippers were never going to stop. I don't blame him for being mad at me, but I do blame him for letting Skizzo go. Banishment is far too lenient for a backstabbing traitor.

Keep Them Safe[]

Listening to Iron Mike pray, I realize how much the old man has been through. How hard he's worked all this time. To keep his part of the world from tearing itself apart. He'll never agree with what we did, me and Boozer, taking out the Rippers. But Lost Lake is safer now. The Rippers won't be back. Ever. Iron Mike will see that - someday.

Keep Your Friends Close[]

So Skizzo walks free, after everything he did. It was more than just selling out me and Boozer. His thinking there actually makes sense. Two lives in exchange for peace with the Rippers? I might have made the same deal. But he led the Rippers into Lost Lake. Hoping they'd kill Iron Mike. A man who'd stab a friend in the back is the worst kind of asshole there is.



  • The mission start time 12:00am. The mission ends at 7:54am. The weather is clear. The number of days increases by three during the missions "Time For Some Payback" and "I'm Good With That".