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For The Benefit Of Others is the final storyline mission of You're Safe Now in Days Gone.


At Lost Lake, Deacon is reunited with Lisa Jackson.


  • Head to Iron Mike's.


  • 4,000 XP
  • Little Orphan Lisa Custom Accent


You're Safe Now[]

She came back. Lisa. She's changed. She's a bounty hunter. The funny thing is? She reminds me of myself, not so long ago, a drifter who thinks she's better off alone. She'll learn.

Ripped Apart[]

When Lisa showed up at the gate today, the first thing I saw were her Ripper scars. Some have healed, some haven't. Some probably never will. That's the thing about cults, like Rest In Peace. They mess with your head. But Lisa's a survivor. She'll live. She'll move on. In ways that Jesse never could.