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The IDF PUP in the gear viewer.

The IDF Pup is a primary weapon and assault rifle in this game. It is a bullpup assault rifle.


Solid accuracy, recoil and ammo capacity with high damage, this rifle has it all - In game description

DaysGone IDFPUP inv iconstats

Ditto, with stats included.

Condition: Level 5 (Special Forces)
Damage: 5 (Average)
Range: 9 (Very High)
Accuracy: 9 (Very High)
Rate of Fire: 10 (Maximum)
Penetration: 4 (Below Average)
Stopping Power: 3 (Low)
Magazine: 45 round box magazine, 65 rounds after extended magazine upgrade.
Maximum Ammunition Capacity: 175 rounds.
Cost: Unlockable only.

How to Unlock[]

This weapon unlocks for free after completing 50% of the Horde Killer storyline. The extended mag upgrade for this weapon is available after completing 75% of Horde Killer.[1]


  • IDF stands for Israeli Defense Forces. This indicates that this weapon is from Israel and is made by Israel Weapon Industries (IWI). The "Pup" in the name is because it has a "bullpup" frame (a firearm that has the magazine well behind the trigger group, rather than in front of it like a conventional rifle).
  • This chimera weapon's design seems to be a hybrid of the IWI Tavor TAR-21 and the Famas G1.