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  I Could Use A Hand is a mission in Days Gone.


Visit Boozer in the Lost Lake Encampment infirmary.


  • Check on Boozer.


He's My Brother[]

Boozer's going to live. The infection's gone. Fever's gone. Pain's gone. He's still a little loopy from the pain meds, but he's sitting up, cracking jokes. Almost like the old Boozer. Addy says the antibiotics I brought back saved his life. Are going to save a lot of lives. I hope she's right.

It's All We've Got[]

I don't think Boozer would have pulled through if it weren't for Addy. Not just because of her stopping the infection by taking his arm, but because of who she is. Boozer listened to her in a way he never listened to me. He trusted her. Even after losing his arm you can tell he still trusts her. Yeah. Addy saved his life, in more ways than one.