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  I Don't Have A Pic is a mission in Days Gone.


Ride with Captain Kouri to Wizard Island.



An Officer And A Gentleman[]

Kouri asked if I had a pic. I lied to him. Not going to let him, or anyone else, know that I'm looking for Sarah until I know what's going on. Who are these guys? Why are they overrunning survivor camps? How did Kouri get my Mongrel's ring? Until I find out, I'm not taking any chances.

A Good Soldier[]

Have to hand it to them, the Militia. Riding down into the Crater Lake rim, across that pontoon bridge onto Wizard Island? They've built quite a fortress here. Probably the only time I've ever felt safe from the Hordes. No way anything's getting onto this island alive, if the Militia doesn't want them to.