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  I Don't Wanna Hang is a mission in Days Gone.


Ride out and find Taylor.


  • Ride to the Ski Lodge.
  • Track Taylor.
  • Clear the Ski Lodge area of Marauders.
  • Find Taylor.


  • 7,000 XP
  • 1500 Trust (Wizard Island)


An Officer And A Gentleman[]

It seems like that's the only code we have left these days: never leaving the dead to the Freaks. Even a drug addict and murderer like Taylor. I remember, way back in the day, leaving Leon's body to the Freaks.. I know. We shouldn't have, me and Boozer. I burned Alvarez's corpse. Why not Leon's? I guess that makes Kouri a better man than me.

How He'd Survive?[]

Like I said, I think Taylor was a good kid. He doesn't have to worry about being in pain no more.

Law And Disorder[]

Yeah, the Colonel is an asshole. He doesn't give a shit about what happened to Taylor. Probably didn't even remember his name. I'll give the Colonel this though, he's right about the drugs. I've seen firsthand what that shit can do to you, and it was never pretty.

A Good Soldier[]

I'm glad I was the one who tracked down Taylor - glad he won't hang I get it - why the Colonel's regulations are so harsh. Doc Jiminez was a good man. Didn't deserve to die. But Taylor didn't deserve what happened to him either. The whole thing is FUBAR, anyway you look at it.