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  I Got a Job for You is a mission in Days Gone.


Ride north with Rikki.


  • Drive to Location.
  • Walk with Rikki.
  • Ride north with Rikki.


Earning Our Keep[]

When I asked Rikki what job she had for me, she said "Does it matter?" like I didn't care. Which is a lot of crap. I do care. I'm working my ass off for this camp. After Addy saved Boozer's life, I know I got a debt to pay down. I'm doing what I can.

Someone That I Used To Know[]

On the ride to the dam, Rikki talked about what it was like over in the valley, when shit went down. You think things were bad here, along Highway 97? Think about what it was like along Interstate 5? One giant freeway connecting Seattle, Tacoma, Portland, Eugene, Sacramento, Los Angeles. I heard rumors about mega Hordes, too many Freaks to count. A miracle Rikki made it out.

Keep Your Friends Close[]

Marsh duty. Yeah, Skizzo would love that, getting me to do all of his shit jobs. I have no idea what he was doing before he landed here at Lost Lake. I know we never saw him before, me and Boozer, in the year we drifted all over the Farewell Wilderness. I figure he came up Highway 97, before it was shut down. What he did before that? No idea.



  • The mission start time 8:30am. The mission ends at 12:00pm. The weather is clear.