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  I Kept My Name is a mission in Days Gone.


Escape the Ripper compound.


  • Escape the Ripper temple.
  • Find the Bonfire.
  • Find your Gear.
  • Track the Ripper.
  • Retrieve your Mongrels cut.
  • Escape the Ripper compound.
  • Rescue Lisa from Ripper.


Ripped Apart[]

So Carlos is Jessie Sonofabitch Williamson. Well, that explains a lot. Back in the day, me and Boozer held Jessie down as Jack burned the Mongrels tat off Jessie's back. Look, he had it coming. He murdered a friend, one of us, a fellow Mongrel. Over drugs. Am I proud of it? No. But we did what we had to do.

You're Safe Now[]

At least Lisa's alive. What did they do to her? She said she joined the Rippers because she wants to forget. How can anyone forget what's happened, who they've lost? Why would you even try? For some of us, our pain is all we have left.

Keep Your Friends Close[]

Did I say I was going to trust this asshole? What the hell is wrong with me? All this time living in camp is making me soft, making me careless. Never again.



  • The mission start time 2:30am. The mission ends at 3:00am. The weather is clear.