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  I Was Distracted is a mission in Days Gone.




  • 3,000 XP


I Remember[]

Watching Rikki trying to teach Addy how to ride reminded me of all those summer days I spent with Sarah, riding the back roads around her work, letting her get a feel for the bike. That's when I realized her work! Sarah worked for Cloverdale. She had federal clearance because of her work. O'Brian said that when NERO bugged out, only those who had federal clearance went with them. I know, it's a long shot. But it's all I've got.

Someone That I Used To Know[]

Seeing Rikki and Addy arguing over stupid shit made me think maybe life can get back to normal. Out on the road we didn't have time for hurt feelings. Too busy looking for our next meal, keeping our guns clean, finding fuel, bike parts. Out in the shit, if you were arguing? You had your gun out and your finger on the trigger.



  • The mission ends at 2:00pm. The weather is clear.