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Agent Martine Sinclair checks progress on Corpse Disposal Site 13B.



Lt. Owens (O.S.): Come on, move that tractor outta the way. Do you guys even know what you're doing? We gotta get through here! Move it!

Lt. Owens (O.S.): Let's go. Let's go! Yeah, take your time, you got it. Okay, you, over there, get in there. Come on!

Sgt. Reyes (O.S.): Look out, I'm backing up — come on, get that rig outta the way. I gotta move this thing — buddy, you gotta move!

Lt. Sinclair: Field Note — One Three Eight One. Agent Sinclair reporting. I'm at Corpse Disposal Site Thirteen Beta, supervising the — unloading and disposal of cargo. You never get used to the smell, do you?

Lt. Sinclair: Um — trains have been running nonstop and — all the current sites are almost to capacity. I've put in reqs to open up more — federal land, but the bean counters in D.C. have stopped — returning my calls. Guess they have more important business.

BG Voice: We got heavy equipment coming in! Come on, move it! Move that outta the way! Go!

Lt. Sinclair: Side note, to Perkins: I was right, asshole. Yeah, I know we fucked up initially — plotting the site here, instead of over at site Thirteen Alpha, but — it worked out, didn't it?

Lt. Sinclair: You remember I had to — argue my ass off to keep this site in our back pocket? I knew it was going to be bad. But no one believed me. I guess you all believe me now.

Sgt. Reyes (O.S.): Come on, we got more cargo on the way. Let's get this shit opened up! You got it? Over there, move it over there!