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Agent Martine Sinclair investigates why NERO freight trains are no longer making cargo delivers to her Corpse Disposal Sites.



Cpl. Russo (O.S.): get those trucks outta here. Come on! Move 'em!

Lt. Owens (O.S.): You heard him — move it! Back outta there, now! Let's go! Come on, we gotta clear this site — get moving. Are you guys listening? We gotta move all of these trucks. Yeah, you! Come on. Okay, go, go, go.

Sgt. Reyes (O.S.): We're moving. Come on, we're clearing the site, charges are set, we're ready to blow it!

Lt. Sinclair: Field Note One Six Seven Four. Agent Sinclair reporting. I'm at the Jefferson Rail tunnel checking to see why my trains have stopped running — and yes, there appears to be a problem —

Lt. Sinclair: Hey, excuse me — you, yeah you! What are you doing? Who are you? What are you doing here?

Cpl. Fernandez: Sorry ma'am, you're going to have to head —

Lt. Sinclair: What — what are you doing? Who — who are you? What — what are you doing here?

Cpl. Fernandez: Okay, get those men of there. We're gonna blow it on my signal. Move it!

Cpl. Russo (O.S.): You heard 'em — move back. We're gonna blow it! Come on, move!

Sgt. Reyes (O.S.): Move back! Move back!

Lt. Owens (O.S.): Move back, move back! Yeah, okay, keep moving. Are you guys ready? Let's go then.

Lt. Sinclair: No, don't — don't "ma'am" me — I'm Agent Sinclair, NERO Field Operations —

Cpl. Fernandez: Ma'am, I don't care if you're Mother Teresa on an errand of mercy, you don't back the hell up —

Lt. Sinclair: You're blowing the tunnel — you can't do that, I've got cargo trains coming through at —

Cpl. Fernandez: Not anymore. We got orders — we're sealing all the tunnels from here to Portland — ready? Let's do this —

Cpl. Russo (O.S.): Everyone ready? Get into position! Come on! Move!

Sgt. Reyes (O.S.): Everybody down, last warning!

Lt. Owens (O.S.): Get down! Get down!

Lt. Sinclair: Stop! Give me your I.D. — tell your men to stand down — I have to make a call —

Cpl. Fernandez: Sorry ma'am, we're on a tight deadline. Like I say, we got orders. Clear? Here we go! Fire in the hole!

Cpl. Russo (O.S.): Fire in the hole! Fire in the hole!

Sgt. Reyes (O.S.): Fire in the hole!

Lt. Owens (O.S.): Here we go! Look out!

Lt. Sinclair: No! — wait! Goddammit!