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Iron butte meteorite

Iron Butte Meteorite - "Gift From the Sky" is a historical marker collectible in Days Gone.


Historical Marker found near Sugarpine Butte in the Iron Butte Valley.


The Iron Butte Meteorite is an iron-and-nickel meteorite that was discovered in this exact spot in 1902. It's the largest meteorite found in North America, as well as the sixth largest in the world. As there is no impact crater at this site, researchers believe that the meteorite landed in Canada and was transported here during the last Ice Age (around 13,000 years ago). It was long held sacred by the indigenous peoples of Iron Butte.

The meteorite remained in this spot for years until it was stolen in 1906. After being recovered, it was moved to the American Museum of Natural History in New York, NY, where it remains today.