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  It's A Long Story is a mission in Days Gone.


Ride back to the Lost Lake Encampment.



Earning Our Keep[]

Rikki showed me another Horde. Like I told her, I've seen Hordes before. You don't want to mess with them, unless you have a death wish. If you're on foot? There isn't enough ammo and you can't reload fast enough to take them out. This is the first time I've seen a Horde that doesn't migrate. They must be feeding on all the corpses from the death trains. Thanks, NERO, for digging all your mass graves out here.

Someone That I Used To Know[]

See? That's the thing about Rikki. She's a talker. And she knows how to get you to talk. Riding back from the dam, she asked me about the MC, how I joined and I ended up spilling my guts about the 10th Mountain, Afghanistan, Jack patching me in. Sarah used to say I never wanted to talk about anything, and here Rikki's got me jabbering on like Radio Free Oregon.

It's All We've Got[]

Addy yelled at Rikki when we got back from the dam, and I know why. No she's not jealous. This isn't high school. No, she's just worried. There's nothing harder than waiting in a camp all day, safe and secure, while someone you care about is out in the shit.



  • The mission start time 3:00pm. The mission ends at 5:30pm. The weather is clear.
  • Between the missions "That's When I Knew" and "It's A Long Story", the number of "days gone" increases by two.