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So your sage advice, Cope, is to assume that everyone is just lying their asses off, is that about it? So — well — that's — that's — that is about it — that's pretty good advice — it is a little late — but — it's good advice.
Deacon St. John

It's All A Lie is the second radio segment of Radio Free Oregon.


Copeland's Radio Free Oregon broadcasts about government lies and misdirection.


The War on Terror. Global warming. None of that matters now that we're in The Shit. But it's all just part of the Goddamn conspiracy — so listen up. The War on Terror was just smoke and mirrors, started by good old Uncle Sam, usin' war as an excuse to look for weapons of mass destruction that didn't exist. And global warming? Just a buncha lying scientists well in the pockets of those gunnin' to profit off of all the doom and gloom. When you think about — all of this? Just another way to build unrest in the people. If we're too busy arguing about polar ice caps and genetically altered food and jihad, then we're blind to what's really going on behind the curtain. Don't be fooled by all their misdirection, folks. They point one way? You look straight at ’em.