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  It's Been Crazy Here is a mission in Days Gone.


Ride up to the overrun NERO refugee camp to visit Sarah's memorial stone.


  • Visit Sarah's Memorial Stone.


  • 3,000 XP


Uh, hey. Me again. Uh - it's been crazy here, I gotta tell ya. Um - you remember that night in Farewell or - yeah, well - no one's forgettin' about that - any - the NERO guy, O'Brian - he's alive. He - well - he's alive. And yeah, I admit - I uh - thought - for awhile - I - I thought that maybe - you might be too. Which - would have made me feel real stupid for coming up here all this time, and well, I - I guess I do still feel stupid since - you didn't die here. Uh - but I'm - I'm real sorry that I wasn't - there - when you went in for that surgery. And - when you got out - six hours, O'Brian said - Jesus. You were always a fighter, I mean - I - should have been there. When your camp was overrun - I should have been there for that too. So - anyway, Boozer's settlin' in. I think I told you that he lost the arm - Goddamn Rippers - that was a shit show. And we're still at the Lost Lake Camp. Looks like he's - looks like we're - gonna be there for a while. Well - here we are. He's still a pain in the ass, I mean - you know how he gets. So the other day, he got drunk off his ass, decided to walk home. Jesus, you should have seen him. I don't know what he - look, I'm just sayin', I'm worried about him. Okay, I gotta go. So - uh - yeah. I'll be back. Bye.


Boozer's in trouble. No, he's not going to die. Addy made sure of that. She stopped the infection. His fever's gone - along with his arm. But he lost something else. Something I'm not sure I can help him find. A reason to go on. But you know what? I'm not going to let him give up. Not while I'm still breathing.