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It's Not Safe Here is a mission in Days Gone.


Search Marion Forks for a survivor who's been spotted.


  • Drive to location.
  • Track the Survivor.
  • Clear Marion Forks of Rippers.
  • Find a Way Into the House.


You're Safe Now[]

Tracking down this survivor was tough. I could tell she was careful, knew her way around the town. She must have grown up here. It's amazing she survived this long, with everything that's gone down.

Ripped Apart[]

The Rippers followed me to Marion Forks. How else would they know I was there? So Alkai and Cope are right. I do have a price on my head. If Sarah were still alive I wonder what she'd say, me killing a bunch of crazy cultists right outside the church where we were married. Glad she didn't live to see it.



  • The mission start time 2:00pm, the mission ends at 4:00pm. The weather is clear.