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  It Was The Only Way is a mission in Days Gone.


Help Skizzo look for det cord in the Iron Butte transportation complex.


  • Head to the Transportation Complex.
  • Enter the Transportation Building.
  • Clear all Newts.
  • Open the door for Skizzo.
  • Search the office for detonator cords.
  • Leave the Transportation Building.


Ripped Apart[]

So now Rippers are dressed up like Freaks and running around in groups like Hordes. Next thing you know, we'll find Rippers living in caves, covered in their own shit. Now I think of it, if that's where they're heading, more power to them.

Keep Your Friends Close[]

You know what? I think I'm finally going to be able to trust this asshole. He wasn't lying about the det cord. It was right where he said it would be. And we got it with no problem. No problem at all.

Keep Them Safe[]

When I told Skizzo that he still didn't trust me, he said "as a matter of fact, I do." I wanted to tell him that it doesn't mean I trust him, because I don't. But I don't know, he does seem to only want what's best for Lost Lake.



  • The mission start time 11:30pm. The mission ends at 2:30am. The weather is clear. The number of days increases by two.