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Gender Male

Jack Morgan is an unseen character mentioned in Days Gone. He was the President of the Mongrels Motorcycle Club as well as a mentor of Deacon St. John and Boozer.


Background and Early Life[]

Jack was born roughly in the 1950's and grew up in Oregon. As a child, he met a park ranger named Michael Wilcox who once took him fishing, Jack managed to catch one, although he had no idea what to do afterwards.

As a adult, he worked in a bike shop which he eventually gained ownership of, It was from here where Jack discovered his love for motorcycles. He was then patched into the Mongrels Motorcycle Club and was later elected as The President of the MC's mother charter in Farewell.

Jack patched in a truck driver named Boozer who rose through the ranks and became his Sergeant-at-Arms. He later met a young drifter named Deacon St. John whom he employed as a mechanic in his shop and soon patched him as an Enforcer in the MC. He also met another inducted member named Jersey Jim whom had been patched in by Deacon.

At some point, Jack excommunicated a disgraced MC member named Jessie Williamson who had killed a fellow member over drugs. The MC's code stipulated that the individual must be stripped of their colors. Jack ordered Deacon, Boozer and Jim to hold Jessie down while he forcibly removed his Mongrels back tattoo with a blowtorch and banished Jessie from the MC.

Some time later, the MC came under investigation by the police, Jack personally took the rap for the club and was then sentenced to prison in Klamath State. The MC remained loyal towards Jack and frequently visited him.

By the time the Freakers outbreak began, Jack was in prison. It's unknown what happened to him afterwards. His fate remains unknown.

Events of Days Gone[]

Jack is frequently mentioned in conversations between Deacon and Boozer.

After Boozer lost his arm, Deacon found him a puppy to help improving his mood. Boozer decided to name the dog Jack in memory of his President, and partly because he knew Jack wouldn't like it.


  • John Garvin stated during his interview on the Days Gone Podcast that Jack was originally in the game, but was cut because it would have been "too much backstory."
  • Jack is an English name meaning 'God is gracious'.
  • Boozer named his pet puppy after Jack.
  • Jack often quoted 'Don't ride faster than your guardian angel can fly'.