Lieutenant James Weaver is a character in Days Gone. An eccentric chemist, he has been tasked with creating an advanced form of napalm, which will be used to destroy the Freakers and other enemies of the Deschutes County Militia.


James Weaver grew up on the northeast side of Portland. Growing up as a poor kid in a rough neighborhood, Weaver had to learn to fight at an early age. Despite his situation, Weaver was smart in which he soon earned a scholarship to MIT, where he obtained a degree in chemistry, graduating with honors.

When the world ended, Weaver was working as a chemical engineer at a firm in Portland. He became the only member of his family that made out of the city alive.[1] Weaver soon joined the Militia and began working to create a chemical weapon that can be used against Freaker Hordes.

Days Gone

After being enlisted, Colonel Garret introduces Deacon to Weaver in his lab, where he has just lost a near-perfect batch of napalm to the elements. Weaver quickly warms up to Deacon, though the same cannot necessarily be said for the latter.

After doing several missions for him, Deacon learns that Weaver had been hitting on Sarah since her arrival, much to his frustration, though Sarah refused his advances and broke his arm for his troubles. He also learns that Weaver has a lowkey rivalry with Sarah over their respective research, racing against time to deliver their weapon to Colonel Garret first.

Following the murder of Doctor Arturo Jiminez, Weaver was among the researchers that are forced to be confined in the ark under Colonel Garret's strict orders. The Colonel's increasingly unhinged personality further alienated Weaver. When Deacon and Sarah attempted to escape the island, Weaver aided them by distracting the guards. However, the two were eventually caught.

Following Colonel Garret's death and the defeat of the militia, Weaver took over leadership of the Wizard Island encampment.



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