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A photograph of Joany taken prior to 2017.
Biographical information
Full name Joan Gray
Other names "Joany"
Born c. 1980
Died before 2017
Oregon, United States
Cause of Death Blunt force trauma caused by vehicular collision
Relatives William "Boozer" Gray (husband)
Affiliations Mongrels Motorcycle Club
Deacon St. John
Sarah Whitaker
Location Farewell, Oregon, United States
Physical description
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
In-game information
Appears in Days Gone
Oh, Joany... You will never know how much Boozer misses you.
Deacon, on Boozer and Joany's relationship.

Joan Gray, also known as Joany, is an unseen character mentioned in Days Gone. She was the wife of William "Boozer" Gray as well as an affiliate of the Mongrels Motorcycle Club in Farewell, Oregon. She passed away prior to the 2017 Freakers outbreak.


Early life[]

Joany was born in the early 1980s and grew up in Oregon, United States. Little else is known of her early life, although as an adult she developed a passion for motorcycles. She would later meet William "Boozer" Gray, the Sergeant-at-Arms for the Mongrels Motorcycle Club in Farewell, when in high school, and the two would soon get married. The couple planned on purchasing a home together near Berley Lake.

Tragically, one night, Boozer and Joany went out for a drunken joy ride where he crashed his motorcycle off Highway 97 and Joany was killed. When the MC later arrived at the scene they dragged Boozer away before calling the cops. They left Joany's body temporarily behind and lied to the police about what really happened in order to spare Boozer a conviction for manslaughter. A memorial marker was set up at the location of her death along Highway 97.

Events of Days Gone[]

After settling in the Lost Lake encampment, Deacon can find a photograph of Joany and a motorcycle among Boozer's possessions in their cabin. She is mentioned several times during conversations between the two, including one where Deacon reveals that Boozer descended into severe alcoholism following her death. According to Deacon, after watching Boozer seemingly try to drink himself to death, he picked up a bottle of whiskey and drank its entire contents. Deacon told Boozer that if he planned on drinking himself to death that he would join him, because "that's what brothers do." The interaction inspired Boozer to sober up and he began to recover from his grief.



  • In the photograph of Joany kept by Boozer, she is shown to have possibly owned a red motorcycle.
  • The memorial marker at the location of Joany's death along Highway 97 can be visited by Deacon.
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