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Carlos' RIP Sermon warning those that haven't joined Rest In Peace - Join or Die


You stand at the edge, gazing into the abyss. The world has weighed you, friend, and brought you Low. You are tired, desperate, hungry — and we see that in you. Do you jump into the warm embrace of the darkness to Rest In Peace with us? Or do you hesitate — forever clinging to your self, your ego, your suffering?

You see, we know — we know your pain, and we have turned ours into strength, into peace. We walk the Unnamed Path, where we do not know fear — here we know only the power and acceptance of the Free. One Mind brings us together — One Mind keeps us safe.

You can join us, you know. You can know the world as we know it. All you have to do is ask — and you will know us. Come to us now, Lost One — before it's too late.