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Kouri letter

Kouri - "To Protect and Serve" is a character collectible in Days Gone.


A letter from Kouri's family, found in Diamond Lake.


Derrick — the girls and I want you to know how much we love and miss you. They want to know how you like Wyoming, I know they just talked to you on the phone, but they want something they can read. Stories about what you're doing. I told them you work for the government and can't talk about your work. They don't understand classified, but they know what secret means. And they want pictures, real photos, not cell phones. Dad wants a roll of film he can develop. Mountains and forests. The girls can't wait for us to come out there once school is out, they say they've never seen real mountains. I tell them that Mount Michelle is a real mountain, but they just start groaning. Okay, photos, stories — not the secret kind — and don't forget — I still have that silk teddy you haven't seen. Love, Karie