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  Leave All That By The Door is a mission in Days Gone.


Go on a supply run for Weaver.


  • Go to the Lost Cabin Mine.
  • Find the Test Kit.
  • Enter the Mine.
  • Take the Cinnabar.
  • Enter the Mine Shaft.
  • Collect Cinnabar.
  • Escape the Mine.
  • Return to Weaver.


  • 7,000 XP


Blow It Up Good[]

Weaver asked me to leave all that "army shit" by the door, the yes sirs and no sirs and salutes. Nah, I don't think so. If he disrespects Sarah again, I'm going to break his fingers. I don't give a shit what his rank is or what he's trying to build.

A Good Soldier[]

I remember Iron Mike telling me that cinnabar - mercury - used to be worth more than gold back in the day, and here I am mining it for Weaver. No idea what he's going to use it for, but if it's to blow up Freaks? I'm in.