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Inventory icon of the Lil' Stubby

Lil' Stubby is one of the Sidearm weapons in Days Gone. It is a sawn-off lever-action shotgun with a tubular magazine.


A unique shotgun that fits in a hip holster. Not the highest damage but its versatility makes up for it. - In-game Description.

Unlike every other weapon in Days Gone, there are three grades of Lil' Stubby: Poor, Better, and Pristine.

Grade Condition Damage Range Accuracy RoF Penetration Stopping
Magazine Credits
Poor Level 1 (Junk) 7 (High) 9 (Very High) 1 (Very Low) 2 (Low) 3 (Average) 2 (Low) 4-shell tube 2000
Better Level 3 (Average) 7 (High) 9 (Very High) 1 (Very Low) 2 (Low) 3 (Average) 2 (Low) 5-shell tube 2000
Pristine Level 4 (Military Specification) 7 (High) 9 (Very High) 1 (Very Low) 2 (Low) 3 (Average) 2 (Low) 6-shell tube 2250



  • It seems to be a chimera firearm made from three different types of shotgun. It is based off the receiver of the pump-action Remington 870 (and lacks an ejection port); the cut-down semi-pistol-grip, forend, and sawed-off single barrel of the break-open Baikal MP-18; and the lever-action of the Winchester Model 1887. It doesn't seem to have a tubular magazine under the barrel.
  • The icon version of the Lil' Stubby has parkerized steel and dark gray polymer furniture, while the in-game model has blued steel and wooden furniture.
  • Deacon will do a special reload of this weapon, but only if you are on the motorcycle. He will load the tubular magazine and then flip it by the lever-action to cock it. It is similar to the speed-firing of some TV and movie characters: Lucas McCain (Chuck Connors) from The Rifleman (TV 1958-1963), The Ringo Kid (John Wayne) from Stage Coach (1939), Marshal Reuben J. Cogburn (Jeff Bridges) from True Grit (2010), and The Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger) from Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991) (More info: Easter Eggs)