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  Lines Not Crossed is a mission in Days Gone.


Help Skizzo search the Lucky Lad Mine for TNT.


  • Find a way into the Mining office.
  • Clear the roof of Newts.
  • Get the Keys.
  • Find the Flares.
  • Unlock the door.
  • Enter the Lucky Lad Mine.
  • Explore the mine with Skizzo.
  • Retrieve the Lock Box Keys from the Newt.
  • Return to Skizzo.
  • Help Skizzo.


Earning Our Keep[]

I had my doubts but maybe Skizzo isn't so bad after all. At least he lives by the same code as me and Boozer. You don't leave anyone to the Freaks, alive or dead. And like I said, there's some lines I haven't crossed. Good to hear Skizzo say the same.

Keep Your Friends Close[]

Learned a couple of things about Skizzo today. First, that like me, there's line he won't cross, chowing down on a dead friend being one of them. Second, also like me, that he won't leave anyone behind to the Freaks. Maybe we're not so different after all. I still don't like the sonofabitch.



  • The time is set at 2:00am and does not change. The weather is clear.
  • In addition to melee weapons, you can also use Molotov cocktails and napalm Molotov (NG+).