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The MATADOR is an unusable weapon in Days Gone. A man-portable rocket launcher, a number are used by the Deschutes County Militia to defend Wizard Island from aerial threats. Deacon St. John is tasked with disabling these launchers by O'Brian before he can be extracted from Wizard Island.



  • The MATADOR is not utilized in any capacity by the United States military. It's possible the Militia acquired them from Mexico via some means, as the weapon system is used by the Mexican military.
  • O'Brian incorrectly refers to them as "RPGs," though this could be excused as they are similar in purpose.
  • The Matador was originally intended to be usable under the name "Panzerfaust," but was cut. It can be re-enabled for use via mods on the PC version of the game, however.
  • The launcher itself according to the stats from the mod itself is inferiorly, a weak weapon due to the developers' concerns that such weapon would make the player overpowered, finalizing their decision to cut an overpowered weapon because of programming concerns about its unique ammunition, albeit the reload animation is intact, but the sound effect for firing is not since it can be still fired with no problems.
  • It is highly possible that this weapon would kick the heavy machine guns out of the competition in exterminating Hordes.