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The MG45 in the gear viewer.

The MG45 is a light machine gun, categorized as special weapon in-game.


DaysGone MG45 inv iconstats

The stats of the MG45.

This German-made weapon has an extremely high rate of fire, which it can make it difficult to aim. Better at close range. - in-game description.

Extremely popular weapon amongst NPCs. It's used by Settlement guards, Marauder Tanks, Ripper Tanks, and D.C.M Tanks.

Condition: Level 3 (Average)
Damage Average
Range Max
Accuracy High
Rate of Fire Max
Penetration Average
Stopping Power Average
Ammo 55-round belt. Upgraded with a 95-round belt in the Hot Springs Camp merchant.


  • It is the first light machine gun available for purchase in the game.
  • It is based off the Heckler and Koch MG4.