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The MG55 in the gear viewer.

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The stats of the MG55.

The MG55 is a medium machine gun, categorized as one of the special weapons in-game in Days Gone.


A tactical military-grade weapon with a very low recoil. Manufactured by the U.S. of A. - in-game descriptive text.

Condition: Level 5 (Special Forces).
Damage: 4 (Average)
Range: 10 (Max)
Accuracy: 8 (High)
Rate of Fire: 10 (Max)
Penetration: 4 (Average)
Stopping Power: 5 (Above Average)
Magazine: 75-round belt (115 rounds with extended magazine upgrade).
Cost: Unlockable only.

Unlocking the MG55[]

It's available after defeating 60% of the total hordes in the Horde Killer storyline. It will be found in your weapons locker in the Special Weapons section. The 115-round extended magazine upgrade is awarded later on after defeating 85% of the total hordes.


  • The "U.S. of A." was intended as a joke pun, relating to the real-life United States of America, which is U.S.A., meaning the United States manufactured this tactical military-grade weapon.
  • It is likely based on the real-life M60E4, without the deployable bipod.