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The MWS is a primary weapon in Days Gone.


"A noticeable step-up, especially at close- to mid-range." - In-game Description.

Condition: Level 3 (Average)
Magazine: 35-round box magazine.
Maximum Ammunition Capacity: 105 rounds (3 magazines).
Cost: 2000 credits.


  • The MWS can be found at Hot Springs camp and is unlocked for sale at Trust level 2.


  • The MWS is based off the real world Steyr AUG A3 variant, which has picatinny rail integrated into the top cover (Armee Universal Gewehr, "Army Universal Rifle"). It was a 5.56mm NATO "bullpup" rifle designed to have different length barrels to convert it into an Assault Sub-Carbine (13.5-inch barrel), Assault Carbine (16-inch barrel), Assault Rifle (20-inch barrel), or Squad Automatic Weapon (24-inch heavy barrel with bipod). There was also a 9mm submachinegun version called the AUG Para that had a 16.5 inch barrel and a magazine well insert that converted it to feed 9mm Parabellum from 25- or 32- round Steyr MPi-69 magazines.
  • "MWS" most likely stands for Modular Weapon System.