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  Making Contact is a mission in Days Gone.


Track down the NERO agent O'Brian.


  • Drive to location.
  • Infiltrate the NERO landing zone.
  • Follow O'Brian.
  • Confront O'Brian.


I Remember[]

O'Brian's alive. The sonofabitch is alive. He remembered that night in Farewell. The night I put Sarah on his chopper. They were diverted south so they weren't at that refugee camp when it was overrun. He doesn't know if she's alive, a lot of camps were overrun back then. And the stab wound. She lost so much blood. But O'Brian, he's going to look into it. See what he can do to find out. No, I'm not holding out hope that she's alive. I just want to know what happened to her.

Finding NERO[]

When I found O'Brian he was studying a deer carcass, seemed terrified that a "civilian" had even approached him, started spouting all kinds of bullshit protocols. He said they had MASH units, hospitals, I know they have choppers. And what are they doing with it all? They're out here studying Freaks. I want answers.



  • The mission start time 4:24pm, the weather is clear. After completing the mission, the time returns to 3:48pm.