Emmanuel 'Manny' Mendez is a minor character featured in Days Gone.



Manny was born in the early 1980's and grew up around Oregon. As a child, he worked in his uncle's garage where he learned how repair vehicles. He later dropped out of high school and once participated in illegal street-racing.

As an adult, he eventually opened his own mechanic shop in Farewell which specialized in fixing racing motorcycles.

Manny's life prior to the Freakers outbreak is unknown, but he eventually became a mechanic in Mark Copeland's camp.

Events of Days Gone

One day he is brought a motorcycle to salvage for parts. Unbeknownst to him, the bike belonged to Deacon St. John, who is angered by the loss of his bike. Manny promises to rebuild it for him as he gets the parts.

At some point, Manny goes out to try and scavenge supplies and ends up being captured. He is later rescued by Deacon.


Mechanic: According to Deacon, he's the only one who can rebuild a carburetor.


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