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Don't think daylight makes the world safer, it doesn't. Marauders like to set traps and ambushes, and they are a constant threat.
Deacon St John, on Marauders.

Marauders are hostile survivors of the Freaker Outbreak. Intent on surviving by any means, they are small-minded bandits that prey on the weak, incautious, and vulnerable. They are a persistent threat to survivor settlements and larger groups in Days Gone.

Marauder seems to be an umbrella term referring to any group of violent drifter gangs that are not affiliated with any of the larger factions. As such, Marauders only seem to operate in independent groups of about a dozen members, though some have gone as high as 18 members.


We've seen this gang out here before. To survive out here, you have to be good at killing.
Deacon St John.

During the Freaker outbreak and as civilization collapsed, most who survived banded together into gangs that survive by any means necessary. 730 days after the outbreak, about a dozen gangs have risen to prominence in Central Oregon, competing with survivor settlements such as the Hot Springs and Lost Lake, along with the larger hostile groups such as the Rippers and the Militia, and even each other, for food, water, ammunition, fuel, and medical supplies.

Marauders generally are short sighted and only think ahead to their next ambush in order to gain more supplies. Despite any sort of military training, they are shrewd and well-inured to the use of violence, being cold-blooded killers and more than willing to pull the trigger. Their access to military equipment also varies considerable depending on the region.


Shit's already been parted out. Goddamn scavengers everywhere.
Raymond 'Skizzo' Sarkozi, on Marauders' methods of survival.

Marauders can be at times difficult to distinguish from human allies due to the fact they wear regular civilian clothing and will have varying hairstyles and hats, unlike Rippers, who tend to dress in torn clothing, shorts and have shaved heads, or the Militia, who have tactical rigs, military style clothing and red armbands.

As noted on Marauder behavior:

  • Marauders are opportunistic enemies who often will set up effective ambushes along main roads and at important areas where gas pumps and a lot of valuable crafting resources will be found such as small towns or abandoned resorts.
  • A Marauder ambush can be difficult to spot even with survival vision as they hide effectively. Marauders usually prefer a melee approach to combat (likely to avoid making sound and attracting Freakers), however some will carry pistols or low grade shotguns and rifles.
  • Ambush tactics employed by Marauders include snipers, clothesline traps, snare traps, burning cars, proximity mines, and playing possum.
    • Sniper ambushes usually involve a sniper setting up in an elevated position such as a tree or roof in order to snipe survivors off their bikes, which then signals the sniper's allies to emerge and attack. Fairly common and most likely to kill.
    • Clothesline traps usually have a line stretched between two cars or low walls in order to disable bikes and survivors, which after the trap is sprung they assault the survivor. By far the most common.
    • Snare traps consist of faking a trail to lure their prey to a tree where a snare is set to trap the victim by pulling them feet-first into the air. Second most common after clothesline traps.
    • Burning car ambushes usually involve Marauders shoving a burning car filled with explosives down a hill when a survivor is traveling by. One the rarer types of ambush.
    • Proximity mine ambushes work similarly to clothesline ambushes, except the path is booby-trapped with a proximity mine that will go off when a victim walks or rides over/near it.
    • Playing possum entails having one member of the Marauder group lay down in the middle of the road and feign being injured/dead. When the victim stops to check on him/her, the group will spring their attack from multiple directions. One of the rarer types of ambushes.
  • Marauders quietly prowl ambush areas ready to strike but can often be heard mumbling or talking to each other quietly, and female Marauders can occasionally be heard humming to themselves while they stalk the area.
  • If they spot an enemy, they will quickly announce it and will swarm together to attack.
  • It is common to find a Marauder or two occasionally patrolling roads on motorcycles, most armed with pistols, but occasionally armed with SMP9s.

Weaponry and Tactics[]

Most of their weapons promote ease of use and ease of maintenance over just about everything else. That does NOT mean they are not dangerous, however. Marauders are goddamn inventive, and they've even managed to rig up flamethrowers from very little resources. Stay on guard out there - with these morons around, this is the New Wild West.
Unknown Player, on Marauder Weapons.

The Marauders in Days Gone are outfitted with a variety of different weapons and equipment to kill their opponents. Most of their weapons are low-grade weapons that are easy to maintain and to use. The size of the gang is often indicative of the weapons they use - smaller gangs of marauders that lie in wait at petrol stations or on main roads use mainly melee weapons and low-grade shotguns or pistols, whereas larger gangs that operate marauder and ambush camps often use low-grade assault rifles, bolt-action rifles, snipers, and even LMGs.

This can also be seen in the regions differentiating access to military equipment such as holsters, ballistic vests, and helmets. Those in the northern regions typically have little to no military equipment and lack training, as well as lacking access to higher level weapons such as LMGs or Flamethrowers. However, those in the Southern Regions are significantly more dangerous. They have a large amount of Military equipment, and Marauder gangs in the South can be as large as 20 members, seen at the Bare Bay Ambush Camp.

This correlates with the level of resistance the area is likely to put up with the local Marauders. This can be seen in the Belknap Region, where the Hot Springs settlement is constantly under attack by both Marauders and Rippers. This translates into little military equipment being found in the area, being also backed up by the fact that there was almost no military presence in the area during the apocalypse. Highway 97 is an example of this as well. With the Militia putting up fierce resistance against the local Marauders, the amount of military presence during the apocalypse, and the ready access to much stronger protection all provide corroborating factors for the much larger, better armed Marauder gangs present in the area.

  • Stool Leg
  • 2x4
  • Pickaxe
  • Baseball Bat
  • Machete
  • Sledgehammer
  • Fire Axe

In most regions.

In certain missions:

Their tactics can vary significantly depending on if they're simple ambushers waiting to attack unsuspecting survivors, or have larger, well-defended ambush camps.

When in small ambush groups:

  • Once a marauder has spotted Deacon, the group will descend with melee weapons and begin to strike.
  • Their attacks can be avoided by rolling out of the way and they can be killed fairly quickly by a well aimed shot using focus or by striking back with your own melee weapon.
  • Marauders are attracted to sound and will investigate rocks and distractors, falling prey easily to proximity bombs and well placed bear traps.
  • Marauders are easy prey to stealth kills from behind or a silenced headshot from afar.

When in larger ambush camps or sniper attacks:

  • Marauders can be a difficult opponent to face if a sniper is included in their group. A sniper will always be waiting in the perfect vantage point and their accuracy is precise enough that two or three shots can easily kill Deacon.
  • Approaching a Marauder ambush or camp stealthily is the best way to proceed, by keeping in cover and rolling from one bush to the other until you can find a good enough area to take fire at a sniper or to climb to their vantage spot.
  • Taking down enemies stealthily is an extremely good method of clearing Ambush Camps, especially on higher difficulties.
    • BE CAREFUL with this method though - Snipers can easily spot you and bring the entire camp down on you.
  • If a sniper is in a tree, the only way they can be spotted is by using survival vision and firing at them while the enemy is still highlighted.


Please Note: The following rank denotions are from other games. The underlying types are the same.

Regulars are regular Marauders that possess little armour and have the worst accuracy, reload and aiming time, as well as movement speeds and reaction times. Identified by their complete lack of military equipment and poor tactics, seen mostly in the Belknap and Cascade Regions. Marauders in the Cascades also have protective rain gear, allowing them to blend in to their surroundings.

Veterans are tougher Marauders that have better training and reaction times. They can take more damage, are better at sticking closer to cover and have increased accuracy. They are easily identifiable by the sling vests and WW2-era protective equipment. Seen mostly in Lost Lake.

Elites are seasoned marauders, capable of taking more damage and trained better than the average Marauder. They are better at sticking to cover and behave more cautiously than Regulars or Veterans, trying to maintain a safe distance from players. Clearly identifiable by their proper ballistic vests, holsters, and rarely helmets. Seen moslty in Lost Lake, Crater Lake, and Highway 97.

Bosses are the toughest Marauders that a player can come across. They are much rarer, and have significantly tougher armour, requiring multiple shots to break their armour. They have the best accuracy, training and equipment of all Marauders. Clearly identifiable by supplemental armour, and rarer weapons such as LMGs or flamethrowers. Seen exclusively in Lost Lake, Crater Lake, and Highway 97.

Your standard looters. They don't have great gear, but that doesn't mean they aren't dangerous - adrenaline combined with a lack of training and self-preservation is a disaster in the making.
Unknown player

Grunts are low ranking marauders, tasked with bringing in supplies and other useful resources. They lack training, relying on constant gunfire to succeed.

Strategic Data

  • Marauder Grunts are standard enemies that use pistols and short-range combat to control the fight.
  • Their greatest asset is numbers- they have subpar accuracy and their pistols do decent damage.
  • Elite and Boss variants are tougher and have better accuracy, hitting every 2 in 3 shots.
  • Boss variants rarely carry SMP-9 SMGs or RPG LMGs.

Simple, but effective. Don't ask these guys for the 7 o'clock news. The symbol of gureilla warfare has become the tool of thieves and murderers.
Unknown player

Assaulters are cautious fighters, chosen for their ability to stay calm during battle. Most are found cleaning their weapons or getting rest when not on duty, and act as guards for Ambush Camps.

Strategic Data

  • Marauder Assaulters use assault rifles and suppressive fire in order to pin down opponents and make it impossible to move from their current cover.
  • Most will have more health than lower-ranked members and Elites have bulletproof vests, but are still vulnerable to headshots.
  • Stealth is effective as these guys are not the most observant fighters, making them more vulnerable to a grenade or stealth kill.
  • Occasionally, Assaulters will use pipe bombs to force enemies out of cover. More likely with Veteran or Elites.

As much as I hate to admit it, these guys are both crazy and smart. Their low-tech approach to combat and reliance on the element of surprise helps avoid attracting Freakers. But charging at people with guns...with a pickaxe? I don't know if that's the smartest thing to do.
Unknown player

Marauder Brawlers are aggressive and reckless, charging in an attempt to force players into a corner. They rely heavily on surprise during ambushes in order to kill their targets. Many see this as a punishment detail.

Strategic Data

  • Brawlers are aggressive melee troops who charge in an attempt to get close and catch enemies off guard.
  • Most carry little armour and rely on melee attacks in order to throw their opponents off guard.
  • Boss variants are faster, recover quicker from swings, and wear shoulder and forearm armour.
  • Most common enemy encountered at clothesline or Sniper ambushes.

These guys honestly act like they're cowboys back in the 18th century. I'd say they've watched too many Western movies, but these shotguns do look like they came from the 18th century. It's the wild west all over again. You know what hasn't changed? There's still idiots with more ammunition than sense.
Unknown player

Rushers are aggressive enemies that attempt to catch players off guard. Many are found smoking or cleaning their shotguns when not fighting.

Strategic Data

  • Standard enemies armed with shotguns that attempt to flank enemies and throw them off guard with surprise attacks.
  • They often charge without regard to their own lives if it means a better shot for them.
  • Better equipped members tend to wear red shirts, ballistic vests, and supplemental forearm or shin armour.
  • Common throughout Oregon - these guys are seen everywhere from ambushes to camps.

It's the wild west out here, and this rifle fits all that. Low caliber hunting rifle that's easy to use and find ammo for. It's a decent rifle, just shame about the morons who use them.
Unknown player

Riflemen are cautious fighters, who use their rifles carefully. Many are recreational hunters, and known how to shoot.

Strategic Data

  • Marauder Riflemen use distance and accurate rifles to pick off opponents from a distance.
  • However, most are extremely weak and panic at close range if surprised.
  • Riflemen lack any self-preservation and will blindly melee if opponents get within reach - even Freaks.

I have nothing nice to say about these guys when they're hiding in a tree. They're sneaky, nearly impossible to spot and it's damn rude to shoot from that kind of vantage point.
Unknown player

Snipers are usually ex-hunters and teach other members how to shoot. They serve as scouts and ambushers for Marauder camps.

Strategic Data

  • Ranged Marauders armed with Sniper Rifles that attempt to pin down opponents and make it impossible to reposition safely.
  • They wear no armour and are easily killed by concentrated gunfire or grenades.
  • They have little health, but their rifles are very powerful and can easily kill a player if they are careless.

These punks aren't finding this kind of armour in police vehicles or even Military depots. My guess would be they nicked it off the Militia. Just what we need.
Unknown player

Armoured units are powerful soldiers who rally and provide orders to their squad. They generally serve as leaders to Marauder gangs.

Strategic Data

  • Armoured Marauders armed with assault rifles that use semi-auto bursts from Assault rifles to attempt to pin down opponents.
  • They wear medium armour and are much more difficult to kill, being able to take a full magazine from an SAF before dying.
  • Takedowns and high-powered weapons with suppressors are recommended as they are less observant.
  • Exceedingly rare in the north, but more common in the Lost Lake and the south.

I'm pretty sure that most people who behave like these guys have a death-wish. Unfortunately, these aren't most people. These guys can easily take up to 2 full clips of AR ammo before dying and by then their friends will have flanked you. Feeling frustrated yet? If not, you will be soon.
Unknown player

Tanks are tough and vicious marauders who lead the most vicious and best equipped gangs. Many maintain a strict workout routine and are always looking for more duct tape.

Strategic Data

  • Armoured enemies armed with light machine guns that advance on opponents.
  • They wear heavy armour and are extremely difficult to kill without sustaining serious injuries.
  • However, their helmets are not full helmets - the back is unprotected.
  • Shooting them in the back of the head allows for an instant kill.
  • Exceedingly rare in the north, but more common in the south.

I was sure the worst thing that could come at you at close range was an enraged Breaker, but these guys have really been challenging that belief. Make sure you keep your distance and sniper rifle handy. That fuel tank makes a great target.
Unknown player

Flamers are aggressive and fearless enemies. They are often found securing hostages or their strongholds. They have quickly become the most feared unit in Oregon.

Strategic Data

  • Flamers are close range units that rush enemies in an attempt to burn or kill.
  • They wear heavy armour and are extremely difficult to kill without sustaining serious injuries.
  • Their helmets are full faced and their flamethrowers can kill in seconds.
  • Their fuel tank is their weakpoint - shoot it enough and it explodes, killing the flamer and anyone nearby.
  • Additionally, their flamethrowers are worse than useless at long range - distance is your friend.
  • The military variants have Nero-grade body armour and can take even more damage than Firefighters can.



  • Marauders can often be found in abandoned camps and towns often fighting with other enemies such as Freakers or wolves and bears.