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Marion Forks is one of the locations in Days Gone.

Place Description[]

Marion Forks was the greatest town in Belcamp region. Obviously once a touristic place, it was divided by a river. On the east side of this one, there was a little motel, several small houses and a ranch. Across a (destroyed) bridge there were the main structures of the place: a pump station, a guge restaurant, alongst which it was a huge statue of a woodcutter alongst a high pile of pancakes, a huge white church, a great motel and several houses, one in construction. A NERO common pit can be seen above the town.


Marion Forks was one of the places choosen by National Emergency Response Organization to make a common pit to bury bodies victims of the Freaker Virus outbreak. The bridge across the river was blown, implied by NERO or the US army, but anyway, the place was overrun and abandoned, though at least some of their residents, like Ada Tucker, may have gone to the nearby camp of Salome Hot Springs - "The Salt Springs". The only known resident was the young Lisa Jackson, which subsisted hidden in a place filled with infected. She saw members of the Deschutes County Militia looting the place.

Events of Days Gone[]

Eventually Deacon St. John was sent by Ada Tucker to search for Lisa, taking her to Salome Springs, leaving the place uninhabited.

Sometime later, Deacon, which had married with his wife Sarah Whitaker on Marion Fork's church, after finding a group of marauders thrashing the place, he killed them all and later burned the building.

Hungry Jim's restaurant in Marion Forks


Marion Forks Tunnel NERO Checkpoint