Colonel Matthew Garret is a major character, a mission giver and the primary antagonist of Days Gone.

A former U.S. military leader, Garret founded the Deschutes County Militia during the apocalypse to eradicate the Freakers. However, his fanatic religious views gradually warped his mind, resulting in him becoming dangerously unstable.


Sometime late into the Freaker outbreak, Colonel Garret founded the Deschutes County Militia and began quickly recruiting survivors into his army, leading them in attacking government and NERO facilities, capturing supplies and weapons, and destroying bridges and highways in preventing the Freaker Hordes from advancing. Garret gathered his Militia to the Crater Lake region where he set up Wizard Island as his base of operations.

Believing that he and his Militia are humanity's only hope for survival, Colonel Garret had been seeking more survivors to be recruited into the Militia, assigning scientists and engineers developing anti-Freaker weapons, and sending field teams in gathering any crucial data and knowledge to be store in the caves of Wizard Island, which he dubbed as "the ark," a repository for all of human civilization's information.


  • His character is very close to Major Henry West from 28 Days Later.
  • Despite being referred to as a colonel, Garret has four stars on his shirt, which signifies the rank of general.


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