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Mazama Falls - "The Silent Falls"" is a historical marker collectible in Days Gone.


Historical Marker found near Mazama Falls in the Crater Lake Wilderness.


Though unassuming at first glance, Mazama Falls plays an important role in the local lore of Central Oregon. According to legend, if you can pass the falls without making a sound, then you'll be blessed with good luck. But make even the slightest noise and you'll be cursed with misfortune. For this reason, you can find many locals passing and observing the falls in silence, each with their own tales of prosperity and disaster.

Some say that Mazama Falls is the site of a brutal massacre, the land soaked with innocent blood. Or that early settlers took shelter in the cave and died of starvation, cursing the land in their passing. Though none of these stories have been proven true, travelers near and far come to see the beauty of Mazama Falls and watch on in silence.