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Mazama Village - "The New Deal Projects" is a historical marker collectible in Days Gone.


Historical Marker found in Mazama Village in the Crater Lake Wilderness.


During the 1930s, when faced with a growing unemployment crisis, the president began a set of relief programs called the New Deal Projects, which provided work opportunities for the unemployed. One such project was called the Emergency Conservation Work Act (ECW), which created the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), a conservation army for manual labor. Working alongside skilled architects, and funded by the Public Works Administration, the CCC were put in place at parks all over the country, in order to reconstruct and beautify our nation's National Parks.

In exchange for housing, food, and a small wage, CCC workers worked on anything from roads, trails, reforestation, and revegetation, to small-scale construction work like building stations, warehouses, halls, parking lots, and campgrounds. Thanks to the tireless efforts of these young workers, we have the still-standing Mazama Village, a more beautiful Crater Lake, and a more magnificent country.