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NERO personnel evacuate as bridges along the Santiam and 97 Highways are demolished. Log Note: This entire operation was FUBAR — why the hell weren't NERO personnel evacuated prior? Command has already filed a complaint with the head of Homeland Security.


Cpl. Russo (O.S.): We're moving out. Grab your gear. Let's go people! Move!

Sgt. Reyes (O.S.): Move out! Move out! Come on, asses and elbows! We're moving out!

Lt. Stewart: Come on, we gotta move —

Cpl. Esposito: What's going on?

Lt. Stewart: They're blowing the bridges —

Cpl. Esposito: Blowing the bridges? What — wait — where?

Cpl. Russo (O.S.): Load up those trucks, we're on a tight time table here! Let's go! You! You, you're with me. The rest of you, get that gear loaded up!

Lt. Stewart: All of 'em — they're blowing all of 'em — they just blew the one on the Metolius river —

Cpl. Esposito: What the hell are you talking about?

Lt. Stewart: Jesus — we don't got the time for this — somethin's coming — we gotta move, now —

Thompson: We're blowing the bridge. You gotta clear outta here, now! Come on, move it!

Cpl. Esposito: Okay — okay —

Lt. Stewart: Leave that!

Cpl. Russo (O.S.): Finish fuelling up those trucks! Come on, go, go!

Sgt. Reyes (O.S.): Load up! Load up! Come on ladies, let's go!