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NERO Depot High Desert Sawmill is shut down and personnel relocated to Iron Butte. Log Note: Using the wigwam burners for corpse disposal turned out to be a disaster — temperatures never reached levels necessary for cremation.



Lt. Owens (O.S.): Come on people, keep moving. We have another shipment coming in. We gotta clear this one out of here. You got that? Let's go!

Lt. Owens (O.S.): Okay, you got it. That's it, back up, let's go.

Sgt. Reyes (O.S.): In here. Bring 'em in here. Get another forklift over here! I don't care, tell 'em we need it. We got three thousand pallets coming in. Stack the bodies over there. No, do NOT take them out of the body bags. What the hell are you thinking?

Lt. Crawford: Oh my God, what is that smell?

Cpl. Russo: Oh yeah, that's right, you're new here. They fired up the wigwam burner.

Lt. Crawford: The what?

Cpl. Russo: The wigwam burner — ya see it? Right over there — looks like a giant, rusty salt shaker.

Lt. Crawford: Well, I sure as hell can smell it —

Cpl. Russo: Yeah, back in the sixties, they used to burn sawdust in them, kept 'em going twenty-four hours a day — kind of looked like little volcanoes.

Lt. Crawford: And now they're burning corpses —

Cpl. Russo: I think this is the last load from Farewell — they're shuttin' it down. We're being moved to a mass grave site over in Iron Butte.

Lt. Crawford: At least — it won't smell as bad?

Cpl. Russo: Yeah, let's hope.

Lt. Crawford: Ugh —