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NERO personnel discuss the influx of refugees heading south, notably members of the cult Rest In Peace. Log Note: R.I.P. members are being tracked throughout the Iron Butte region. Command has ordered us to report any activity if they start interfering.



Cpl. Russo (O.S.): Keep it moving! Stay with your vehicle. Do not leave your vehicle.

BG Voice: Do not honk your horn! Stay in your lane! Follow directions! Sir, stay with your vehicle!

Sgt. Reyes (O.S.): You, get back in your car — NOW! You can't park there. No, you have to move it. Goddammit, move your vehicle! Yes, there. Go. Move it along.

Lt. Owens: Hey, I'm here to relieve you.

Cpl. Shaw: About Goddamn time — Jesus, I'm tired.

Thompson: Do not honk your horn! Stay in your lane! Follow directions! Sir, stay with your vehicle.

Lt. Owens: Ah — did I miss anything?

Cpl. Shaw: Yeah, you wouldn't believe it. This morning? We had a Goddamn pilgrimage come through —

Lt. Owens: A what? What are you talking about?

Cpl. Shaw: A fucking cult — half naked, shaven heads, some of 'em cut up pretty bad, driving a whole convoy of hippy dippy vans and trucks.

Lt. Owens: Oh shit. I've seen these clowns — were they chanting a bunch of shit, like "get low," "be Free, follow the Path," shit like that?

Cpl. Shaw: Uh-huh, uh-huh — yeah, yeah, yeah. That's them.

Lt. Owens: They call themselves R.I.P. — Rest In Peace. They got some "messiah," thinks all this shit is part of some plan. Where were they headed?

Cpl. Russo (O.S.): Ma'am, you cannot park there. Move your vehicle or we will have it towed. Yes, keep moving.

Cpl. Lane: Come on, we gotta keep it clear — let's move — that's it — go on —

Sgt. Reyes (O.S.): Hey, we got a truck coming through. Clear a lane. Let 'em through. Let 'em through!

Cpl. Shaw: South. Beyond that, I don't know and don't care. Alright man, have a good one.

Lt. Owens: Okay, what the hell's he recording.