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  Moments of Lucidity is a mission in Days Gone.


Deacon tracks down a NERO Field Research Team.


  • Drive to Location.
  • Place GPS tracker on the NERO Helo.
  • Spy on the NERO researcher.
  • Return to your bike.


I Remember[]

More errands for O'Brian. Now they're tracking down Freaks wearing shiny watches, like anyone but NERO gives a rat's ass. I didn't press him on what he's found out for me, but I'm done being his errand boy. Next time he radios, he better have answers.

Finding NERO[]

Moments of lucidity - that's what he said. So Freaks can just, what? Wake up? Realize they forgot to put on clean pants? A necktie? I don't buy it. I've seen a lot of Freaks the past couple years, never saw anything like that. Smart Freaks. God help us.



  • The time is set at 12:00pm and does not change. The weather is light snow.